Historia, al-khimiyah, En to Pan

Giovanni Ozzola


Historia, al-khimiyah, En to Pan, 1100-2012, 2012
125 x 161 cm - Engraving on lambda print, dibond

Giovanni Ozzola’s work is structured around the visual and conceptual overlapping of two maps: the astral map of the starry skies above CastelGiocondo and the map that marks the evolution of the boundaries of the estate over time.

The Artist

Giovanni Ozzola

Born in Florence in 1982, he lives and works between Prato and Paris. After travelling to a number of destinations, he returned to settle in Italy in 2001 and developed his artistic career by focusing on light as a material for the formulation of his vision. The focal point of his work is the interest in three-dimensional space and light, through which he carries out research into the relationship between image as a psychological representation and reality. A winner of the Premio Cairo in 2011, he has exhibited in various private and public spaces in Italy and abroad.


Giovanni Ozzola, label for CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino, Dedicated vintage 2007. Ed. 500 Magnum, 2013

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