Quarter Circle Painting stripes and wine stains

Claudia Comte


Quarter Circle Painting stripes and wine stains, 2018
4 parts, 75x75 cm

Claudia Comte created a series of canvases entitled Quarter Circle Painting. Inspired by the convivial aspect of drinking wine during meals, the artist painted a series of black graphic motifs on white canvases. Divided into four equal sections, they form a diamond shape where circular marks left behind by glasses of red wine are clearly visible. The paintings relate the history of art with everyday functions, through the inclusion of disturbing elements within the work. For the conical-shaped label, Comte chose an “optical” motif where marks left by red wine appear.

The Artist

Claudia Comte

She was born in Grancy (Switzerland) in 1983 and she lives and works between New York and Berlin. She has exhibited at Art Basel and at the Kunstmuseum in Lucerne (2017), at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Art in Lausanne (2016) and at the Haus Konstruktiv in Zürich (2014). She is represented by the Gladstone Gallery (New York and Brussels) and the Konig Galerie (Berlin).


Claudia Comte, label for CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino, Dedicated vintage 2013. Ed. 500 Magnum, 2013

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