Untitled (una botte di ferro)

Elisa Sighicelli


Untitled (una botte di ferro), 2012
Framed photograph
102x102x4 cm

Elisa Sighicelli has chosen to find light within the darkness using an ambiguous, indefinite image taken inside a fermentation tank. The lines of the object and its colours, the result of prolonged use over time, make it possible to capture a geometry that is both recognisable but unrecognisable, devoid of any points of reference.

The Artist

Elisa Sighicelli

She was born in Turin in 1968, where she lives and works. She studied in London, at Kingston University and at the Slade School. She has made a name for herself with her own special light box technique. Her photographs are applied to sheets of Plexiglass that are partially illuminated from behind by sources of light, highlighting particular details of the scene. This creates visions of varying spatial depth that are dense with mysterious suggestion, environments in which time seems to be urged to stop on an event without a human presence, on their possible traces and memories, as unknown shadows of the evening pass. She has taken part in numerous major international exhibitions.


Elisa Sighicelli, label for CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino, Dedicated vintage 2007. Ed. 500 Magnum, 2013

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